Hola! My name is Debora Ducci

Forever on the go, in love with the little things in life and always seeking the next adventure. Luckily for me, photography encompasses all of these things.

If youve found yourself here, reading this bio, then youre looking for someone to capture some of the most important and intimate moments in your life. Its not easy to trust someone with such a monumental task, but youve definitely come to the right place.

Thanks to my curious nature and pressing need to always be learning new things, I kept myself busy from a very young age. Classic ballet, horseback riding, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu filled most of my days. Fast forward a few years and Im still as busy as ever. When Im not shooting or editing stunning photos, I like to challenge myself with the latest fast-paced yoga, learning new and exotic recipes and travelling to each corner of the globe. 

Before I became the photographer you see before you, I worked in advertising as an Art Director for two large companies in Milan and Frankfurt. My love for all things creative and my methodical mind should have made the advertising world a perfect fit, but I found myself dreaming of escaping the office and running off to a tropical destination where I could be truly free. Something was always missing, something needed to change, but nothing could have prepared me for the next step in my life… 

I packed my bags and uprooted my entire life to the Caribbean. After landing in this exotic paradise, I began searching for a job where I could stretch out my wings and let my creativity soar. Strangely, being a photographer never crossed my mind, but as soon as a friend placed a professional camera into my hands, to help her shoot a wedding, I was hooked. 10 years later, I am still as in love with wedding photography as I was in those very first moments, the magic of capturing these special moments for me will never die, it was truly my calling. 

Today, I am a dedicated Wedding Photographer that calls on her unusual background to achieve the most creative and breathtaking shots. Born in Italy, my vibrant personality and bold judgement calls allow me to truly take risks when shooting, which always result in stunning images, while my German roots allow me to keep calm and methodical in the face of a chaotic wedding. The perfect combination for wedding photography.  

My ultimate goal is to leave no moment un-captured. From the candid, photojournalistic shots of your friends and family laughing, chatting, emotional tears and dancing, to the perfectly planned portrait photos, Im always chasing the next epic shot. 

My specialism is in Destination Weddings and breathtaking underwater photography, to encompass the ever growing Trash the Dress’ trend. However, I also enjoy portrait sessions, engagement shoots and fashion photography, one of my biggest passions. 

Delivering high-quality, perfectly edited images is extremely important to me, so I personally edit each and every photo. I don’t do overlays or bulk editing, I prefer to edit each photo individually, to ensure that they are perfect down to the very last detail. Granted, Its a little more work, but its totally worth it.

My company, White Crown Photography is based in Playa del Carmen Mexico, but bookings are open worldwide. I speak a mixture of English, Italian, Spanish, German and very soon French, so no matter where you are in the world, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or requests you may have. lets create something beautiful together.


Debora Ducci