Trash The Dress

Your big day is over, and now you’re ready to trash your dress in the most epic way possible. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Our unique underwater Trash The Dress sessions are fully dedicated to getting the perfect shot of the bride and groom as they immerse themselves deep into a mystical Mayan cenote.

We know that on the day of your wedding there isn’t usually much time to get those perfect, dedicated bride and groom shots, so during your 3 – 5 hour Trash The Dress shoot, we will also take some stunning dry images in the lush jungle before we even enter the cenote.

Shooting in such a natural location allows for immense creativity. Splashes of sunlight interrupted by veils of shadow produce some of the most breathtaking lighting, so your photos will be truly one of a kind.

Once you step into the crisp, cool water, the magic begins. You will be directed and coached the entire time, but as soon as you are swimming freely in the crystal clear water, you’ll find your own place of creativity.

Underwater photography is much more technical and complicated than on land, light and colours bounce and warp of the surface, so it’s extremely important to choose a professional and well- experienced team. But don’t worry, with White Crown Photography you’ll be in great hands with over 10 years of experience.

Although we call these shoots Trash The Dress, one of the best things about photographing this fun tradition in a cenote is that the water is so clean and clear that it doesn't actually harm the dress at all.

Our top tips:

We recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done before your Trash The Dress shoot as almost all of the photos will be a dynamic portrait style. It’s also important to use waterproof makeup, so you stay looking flawless in and out of the water.

As we already know you’re a brave couple opting for an underwater photo shoot, make sure your outfits represent that. Big, bold dressed with lots of layers look amazing under the water as gravity works its magic. If you would like to bring a second dress option, we recommend bright colours as these refract light beautifully under the water and contrast with the dark cenote tones.

If you’re looking for that mermaid bride look, why not play around with sequins, shimmering fabrics, golds and silvers, they will look absolutely breathtaking under the glistening water. However, if you prefer to keep things a little more simple, clean lines and floaty chiffon fabrics also create a timeless, dreamy effect, blending seamlessly with the water.


We know that capturing life special moments is important. Encapsulating feelings, reunions, milestones and celebrations in life is one of the beauties of photography, and we want to do this for you. Whether you’re looking for a family portrait, an engagement shoot, an anniversary photo session or simply to commemorate your time here in the beautiful Riviera Maya, we have over 10 years of experience in creating breathtaking portraits.

After a quick chat about style and purpose, we will make you feel at ease the whole way through your shoot, directing where needed but mostly just capturing you being you.