Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we at White Crown Photography know it.

We do everything in our power to ensure each end every magical moment is captured, from the first kiss all the way through to the last dance. To ensure we don’t miss a sacred second of your special day, we always utilize at least two photographers that will cover the entire day. This not only ensures that no moment goes un-captured, but it also gives a beautiful creative dynamic to your wedding portfolio.

At White Crown Photography we also understand that weddings are more than just the joining of two individuals, but the union of two individual families. This is why we use a mixture of photojournalistic and creative portrait techniques, so we can ensure we capture every glance, smile, tear and laugh of your loved ones.

Destination weddings are usually more compact, more intimate and more personal than traditional weddings, and we ensure this is portrayed in each wedding portfolio by also capturing the venue, decorations, flowers and all the little details that make your day special to you.

Often we hear from the happy couple that looking through our photos is like reliving their magical day all over again and that we have captured moments or details that they never even noticed on the day. This is our ultimate goal each and every time.

We know that your wedding day will be one of the most iconic events of your life, and it would be our honor to be able to capture this special day and immortalize it forever through pictures. As it can be a little daunting booking a photographer before meeting them or before even stepping foot in your wedding venue, we send you a questionnaire to ensure we have all the details needed to create the breathtaking photos that you deserve.

We hope to hear from you soon and have the honor of being the visual narrators of your big day.