Wedding Trash the Dress Photography

underwater trash the dress photo session in a cenote

Wedding photography has evolved tremendously over the years and many couples are now seeking unique and unconventional ways to remember their special day. One trend that has been gaining popularity is the wedding trash-the-dress photo session. But what exactly is that you may ask?

Keep reading to learn all the details about this fabulous experience, and if you’re ready to have some fun and capture stunning and authentic moments during your wedding in the Riviera Maya, don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s time to let your wedding gown take on a new adventure! 

a wedding trash the dress photography session in a cenote in the riviera maya
Get ready to immerse yourselves in an underwater wedding adventure!
Here’s what this blog is about:

    What is a wedding “trash the dress” photo session?

    A Trash the Dress session is a photo shoot where you get to let loose and have some fun while wearing your wedding gown. Yes, you read that right! Instead of preserving your dress in pristine condition, you have the opportunity to wear it one more time and create some unforgettable memories. 

    The concept behind this is to signify couples will not use their wedding outfits once more, declaring they don’t want to marry again with anyone else. Also, you’d celebrate the end of your wedding journey with unconventional, unique, and extraordinary images that highlight both the elegance of your gown and the adventurous spirit within you. Don’t worry, the centote water we shoot in is clean and clear and won’t actually “trash” your dress.

    The time in front of the camera allows you to break free from the traditional constraints of wedding photography and can allow your creativity to shine through in a unique tropical environment. This is a unique opportunity to showcase the beauty of your dress and let go of any reservations you may have had about getting your dress dirty.

    While ”trash the dress” doesn’t necessarily mean you ruin your wedding dress, some brides opt for having a second dress or a few different outfits to try during the photo session. This will ensure your gown arrives home intact to be stored and preserved. 

    Go beyond traditional expectations and embrace unconventional ideas for your trash-the-dress photo shoot. It’s more than just a photo shoot, it’s a day in the jungle enjoying nature and the clean centote water.

    underwater wedding photography in the riviera maya
    This is a unique opportunity to showcase your style, your personalities and wedding vision.

    Why trash the dress photos rock?

    These photo sessions are an absolute game-changer for capturing truly unique photos to share with your family and friends. Trash the Dress photos rock because they allow you to break free from traditional wedding photography, showcase your personality as a couple, and capture genuine moments between you and your partner. Where else can you do an underwater photoshoot?

    It’s all about celebrating your love story in a way that is bold, adventurous, and breathtakingly beautiful. You will have an opportunity to let loose and have fun with your spouse while enjoying the refreshing waters of a cenote and the stunning nature of the jungle.

    From dramatic underground caves to hidden gardens nestled within lush greenery, me and my team can help you select the perfect backdrop to enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding photo album.

    So if you’re looking to add some excitement and spontaneity to your destination wedding experience, consider doing a trash the dress photo shoot. Trust me, these images will be cherished for years to come!

    wedding photography in a cenote in the riviera maya
    Your moment can be intimate and sweet, or sexy and fun. It´s your choice!

    Is trash the dress still a thing?

    It is still very much a thing! If you are a couple looking to make a statement that says you’re ready to dive headfirst into this new chapter of your life, then you’ll need to add this experience to your big day festivities.

    Sure, it may seem a little out there at first, but if you’re a bride who likes to think outside the box, you’d definitely love the idea of a day in the jungle with your loved one. There aren’t many places in the world with water that is clean enough, clear enough and warm enough to do this unusual photo shoot. The cenotes of Riviera Maya are a treasure.

    a wedding couple in an underwater photography session
    Underwater trash the dress photography trend is here to stay!

    Pros and cons of the trash the dress trend

    If wearing your dress for a second time is not enough to get you going with this idea, here are a few other reasons why you must incorporate this experience into your wedding festivities.


    • Showcasing the wedding dress in a unique way
    • Creating exceptional, artistic, and unique pictures
    • Expressing your own creativity and freedom
    • Emphasizing the couple’s individuality and personality
    • It can get really sexy (wink)
    • You will look amazing underwater!
    • oh..and you will have very unique photos to share on social media or with your family.

    However, like any trend, there are some cons to consider as well. One potential drawback is the risk of damaging or completely ruining your dress during the session. Although we take precautions to avoid excessive damage, accidents can happen! 


    • Potential damage to the wedding dress
    • You will need to take your dress to the cleaner to remove mud and dirt
    • It may not be attractive to some couples
    • You may not be able to pass on this dress to future generations
    • If your dress is super heavy, it may be uncomfortable to wear
    wedding trash the dress photo session in the riviera maya
    Your wedding dress deserves a second chance to be showcased to the world.

    Underwater cenote trash the dress photography

    Cenotes or ”sinkholes” are natural pits found in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, resulting in the collapse of limestone bedrock. These caverns are filled with crystal-clear waters coming from rain or underground rivers.

    The word ”cenote” comes from the Mayan “Ts’ono’ot” and refers to any subterranean chamber. They are sacred to the Mayan people since they were considered the entrance to the underworld, and many rituals and spiritual practices were performed in and around them.

    These enchanting formations usually come surrounded by impressive nature, refreshing water, and a mix of covered and exposed caves that provide incredible light and an almost surreal background perfect for photos.

    An underwater cenote trash the dress photo shoot offers an intimate and mysterious experience where you can connect on a deeper level with both nature and each other.

    cenote wedding photography in the riviera maya
    Cenotes are refreshing oasis in the Riviera Maya available for photography masterpieces.

    Planning and preparing for a trash the dress photoshoot

    With proper planning and preparation, your Trash the Dress photoshoot in Tulum or the Riviera Maya will be an intimate and thrilling experience like no other. So get ready to make memories that’ll last a lifetime as you take this plunge into extraordinary beauty!

    The following list will help you organize your photography session without any hiccup.

    • Choose your team

    Start by researching talented photographers who specialize in underwater photography (Like us!). We have the expertise needed to capture those magical moments flawlessly. 

    • Select your location

    Think about locations that resonate with you as a couple or reflect your personal style. Your photographer should have experience and the understanding of different settings, advantages and disadvantages of various centote locations. Choose a setting that speaks to your love story. Will a lush green jungle match your aesthetic? do you prefer a dramatic cave with interesting rock formations? Do you need privacy? Be careful as lighting varies during different times of the day. Some cenotes you need to shoot in the morning and others later in the afternoon.

    • Can I request specific photo styles or themes for my trash the dress photo session?

    Yes, you can definitely request specific photo styles or themes for your photo session. Communicate your ideas and preferences to us beforehand so we can capture your vision accurately.

    • Pick your date

    While it may be practical to do your photo session the day after your wedding, you may be tired, a little swollen, and not really in the mood to wake up super early to travel to do another photo session.

    If your travel plans allow you, consider taking one day to rest and renew your energies before your photoshoot, so you’ll look your best! In fact, some couples choose to do their shoot months before their wedding during their sight visit or as part of a separate trip.

    • Get your outfits ready

    When it comes to outfits, don’t be afraid to get creative! While some brides opt for their actual wedding dress, others choose alternative gowns or even themed costumes. 

    The key is to select the attire that makes you feel confident and comfortable while still embracing the spirit of adventure.

    • Hair & makeup for a trash the dress photo session

    When it comes to makeup and hair, opt for natural-looking styles that’ll withstand water and movement. Using waterproof products is essential to avoid any unwanted smudges or streaks during the shoot. Also, organic and bio-degradable products are best since we are entering a natural environment.

    cenote wedding photography in the riviera maya
    Cenotes offer incredible locations for photos, in and out the water.

    Real trash the dress photography sessions in the Riviera Maya

    If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas, here are a few of our underwater photography sessions. Make sure you click on the couple’s image to visit the full gallery!

    So, are you ready to book your underwater photography session?

    Now you know every detail to plan your wedding trash the dress photography session! Get ready for an intimate experience filled with laughter, spontaneity, and joy as you embark on this artistic journey with your beloved wedding dress and your partner. Let every click of the camera capture not only beautiful images but also cherished moments that will last a lifetime.

    So go ahead, gather your courage, and let me and my team lead you in this one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you with stunning photos that capture your spirit and creativity.

    Explore more wedding photography galleries on my portfolio and if you need some inspiration, go visit my Pinterest profile and find all about wedding trends, tips, ideas, and more!